BANDIT uzupełniająca ochrona balistyczna twarzy do oferowanych hełmów

This is a ballistic attachment that can be applied to the full range of "off the shelf" helmets in the United Shield range. The attachment is styled to give a new sleek low profile design and gives the wearer protection to the frontal and side areas of the face and throat from fragments and low velocity handgun rounds.
Dane techniczne
Ballistic Standard - Available to NIJ Level II & IIIA test standard.
Fragmentation Standard - STANAG 2920 or MIL Std 662 F V50 > 2000 ft/sec (610 m/sec).
Blunt Trauma (Internal Deformation) - 9mm < 5mm .
Shock Absorption - Certified to EN 397
Lightweight , typicaly 200 gms (8 ozs) for a large size.
Standard colours are Black and NATO Olive Green and Sand.
Most colours are available including a wide selection of IRR paints with different reflective signatures.

Optional Extras
The Bandit 4 face guard is available with camouflage covers