Tarcza balistyczna na kółkach do działań w trudnym terenie, poziom NIJ IV

The United Shield Level IV ballistic shield is a mobile high protection shield which provides multi strike protection from armour piercing rounds, and all lesser ballistic threats. The shield is flat and is constructed from alumina oxide ceramic tiles mounted on a rigid matrix aramid backing, it weighs 42kg/m2. The triglyde trolley provides a stable and highly manoeuverable platform capable of smooth cornering, rough terrain movement, and stair climbing.
The shield has a ballistic protection level of NIJ IV.

The standard size of the shield is 1000 x 500mm (394" x 197"), however bespoke sizes are also available.

A ballistic window can be fitted to the shield, and weapon cut outs are available. A halogen lighting system with battery pack and re-charging kit can be fitted to the shield. Signage can also be fitted to the face of the shield.