Tarcza balistyczna "drabinowa"

The United Shield Northants ladder shield is a mobile and manoeuverable combination ladder and ballistic shield, which enables firearms officers to negotiate a variety of obstacles during tactical operations, in order to gain quick and easy access to elevated areas, such as buildings and vehicles, while providing excellent protection at all times. It is available in a variety of sizes ranging from medium to grande. The ladder is made from lightweight aluminium, and is fitted with articulated 'supergrip' feet, in order to provide a stable non slip platform. The top rung of the ladder is fitted with a padded rest bar, to protect the shield and to provide additional stability when it is resting against objects. It is also fitted with adjustable legs enabling it to be used on a standalone basis. The shield incorporates the latest ballistic materials technology, and has a centrally positioned window.
The Northants ladder shield provides protection to NIJ Level IIIA.

Dimensions, Sizes and Weight
The grande ladder shield has the following dimensions:
Ladder     1,900 x 440 mm (75" x 17.5").
Shield       1,750 x 600 mm (69" x 23.5").
Window   250 x 100 mm (10" x 4").
The Northants ladder shield is also available in medium and large sizes.
The grande size weighs <20 kgs (<44lb), the large weighs <15 kgs (<33.5lb), and the medium weighs <10 kgs (<22.5lb).

Optional Extras
A set of lights can be fitted to the top of the shield. The face of the shield can be fitted with an outer cover
offering protection during storage and transit.