Rozsuwalna Tarcza balistyczna z poziomem NIJ IIIA, III lub II

The collapsible shield design originated from a police requirement to provide a long shield which could also be easily carried in a standard police car. The collapsible shield enables the operator to expand the shield to the preferred length and to then lock it is position. The shield is available to a variety of different protection levels and finishes. A ballistic viewport is offered as standard.
Certified ballistic systems include NIJ Level II, IIIA and III.

Fully extended    1200mm x 750mm (47" x 29.5")
Closed                800mm x 750mm (31.5" x 29.5")
Wymiary okna
Small       250mm x 100mm (10" x 4")
Large      400mm x 100mm (16" x 4")
NIJ Level IIIA format 13.5kgs (30lb)

A quick fit bracket has been developed that allows the attachment of high powered lighting systems.