Przystawka noktowizyjna NSV-80

NSV-80 Clip-On Night Vision Sight A mission cannot wait for good weather. The operation starts when the order is given, regardless of weather or time of day. Quickly and precisely carrying out orders is essential to saving lives. “Clear Sight” is vital, primarily for snipers as well as military and police special forces. The NSV-80 Clip-on Night Vision Sight was developed for missions in poor light conditions and nighttime operations. It employs residual light amplification and is an ideal attachment for almost all telescopic day sights on the market. The NSV-80 attaches to the rail without the need to remove the day optic, providing the user a day/night capability without the need to boresight when the application changes. As a result of its compact design, the Nivisys NSV-80 is a lightweight, reliable instrument with excellent image quality for both military and non-military applications.

NSV-80 Basic Kit: • NSV80 Assembly • Soft Carry Case • AA Alkaline Batteries • Lens Tissue • Objective Lens Cap • Operator Manual


* No Need For Alignment With Weapon Telescopic Sight

* Easily Mounted Without Tools To 1913 Rail System

* Developed by Carl Zeiss Optronics * Weapon Mounting Systems

* Easily Operated While Wearing Gloves

* Night Vision Optimized Lenses

* Compatible With Most Standard Telescopic Sights

* Eyeguard Comes In Two Sizes, Eliminating Light From Outside Sources