Celownik noktowizyjny Night Hawk

Night Hawk Night Vision Weapon Sight The Night Hawk Night Vision Weapon Sight represents the latest in military night vision technology for medium and heavy weapon applications. Using either GEN II or GEN III image intensified technology, the Night Hawk is extremely rugged and reliable. Due to the simplified reticle projection and parallax control, the Night Hawk is the most accurate night image device currently available in mass production. Designed to meet military requirements for long-range accuracy, the Night Hawk can be mounted on a wide variety of individual and crew-served weapons. The weapon sight has a variable brightness reticle that can be boresighted to the weapon using the independent windage and elevation adjusters.

Night Hawk Basic Kit:

• 4x or 6x Night Hawk NVWS • Lens Cover and DTLF (Day Light Training Filter) • Shuttered Eyecup Assembly • MIL-STD 1913 Weapon Mount • AA 1.5V DC Batteries (4) • Soft Carry Case • Shipping Storage Case Assembly • Cleaning Kit • Operator Manual • Sniper Log


* No Need For Alignment With Weapon Telescopic Sight

* Easily Mounted Without Tools To 1913 Rail System

* Developed by Carl Zeiss Optronics

* Weapon Mounting Systems

* Easily Operated While Wearing Gloves

* Night Vision Optimized Lenses

* Compatible With Most Standard Telescopic Sights

* Eyeguard Comes In Two Sizes, Eliminating Light From Outside Sources

Powiększenie:     4x / 6x
Pole widzenia:     8.3º / 5.7º
F-Number:     1.8 / 1.95
T-Number:     2.1 / 2.25
Minimalny Focus Range:     25m - ∞ / 30m - ∞
Objective Lens:     70mm / 100mm
Diopter Adjustment Range:     -5 to +2 / -5 to +2
Eye Relief:     30mm (min.) / 30mm (min.)
Zasilanie:     2x AA batteries / 2x AA batteries
Żywotność baterii:     ~60 hours / ~60 hours
Waga:     1.5 kg / 2.1kg
Wymiary (L x W x H mm) :     320 x 110 x 115 / 420 x 130 x 140
Variable Reticle Intensity:     YES / YES
Reticle Adjustment: Windage:     + 18 mils (L/R) / + 14 mils (L/R)
Reticle Adjustment: Elevation:     + 18 mils (H/L) / + 14 mils (H/L)
Temperatury przechowywania:     -51ºC to +85ºC / -51ºC to +85ºC
Environmental:     MIL-STD-810C / MIL-STD-810C
Temperatury Działania:     -45ºC to +85ºC / -45ºC to +85ºC
Immersion:     1 meter / 1 meter