Noktowizja dla płetwonurków

DVS-100 Diver Night Vision System Nivisys has developed the DVS-100 Diver Night Vision System as a platform for underwater applications using the submersible MUM-14 Multi-Use Monocular System. The DVS-100 capability can be increased underwater with a variety of optional illuminators such as the M3X high intensity illuminator or other unique devices providing the user extended viewing range and clarity. The Nivisys DVS-100 facemask interfaces with the MUM-14 Multi-Use Monocular to make the perfect solution for underwater operations that require enhanced and unique vision capability. Submersion to 66 feet underwater is not only possible, but expected!


  • 40 stopniowe pole widzenia
  • Funkcjonalność do 66 stóp pod wodą
  • Dualne użycie - Ląd & Morze
  • Indywidualne dopasowanie okularu
  • Standard Rail Interface
  • AA lub 3 Volt Bateria
  • Moduł do mocowania na broni w komplecie
  • Mocowanie na hełm