Buty przeciwminowe firmy BFR

BfR Combat Boot

Buty produkcji firmy BFR są przeznaczone dla jednostek specjalnych. Ich unikatowa konstrukcja zapewnia ograniczoną ochronę przed wybuchem miny przeciwpiechotnej. Podeszwa jest tak skonstruowana aby maksymalnie chronić stopę w wypadku eksplozji. Rozwiązanie to jest opatentowane przez firmę BFR a przeprowadzone testy w brytyjskim laboratorium dowiodły słuszności zastosowanych rozwiązań. Na załączonych zdjęciach można zobaczyć wyniki testu z wybuchem miny o wadze 50g TNT pod częścią przednią stopy i 70g TNT pod piętą. W załączeniu tłumaczenie wyniku testów, jak i zdjęcie w przekroju buta. W przypadku innych pytań prosimy o kontakt.

Blast and Fragment Resistant Combat Boot

The next step you take will be made safer with the world's first standard issue blast and fragment resistant combat boot featuring our patented technology.

We believe a soldier's best friend, next to his rifle, is his combat boot. Current standard issue combat boots do not offer much protection against anti-personnel landmines. Our blast and fragment resistant combat boot with its unique and revolutionary technology is designed to mitigate soft tissue and skeletal damage to the feet by deflecting blast from anti-personnel landmines.

BfR Combat Boot is designed to be used as standard military issue.

It offers soldiers the psychological comfort of knowing that they are equipped with a measure of protection against anti-personnel landmines. Critical to the working soldier, it also offers physical comfort in that it is flexible and light and would not impede movement while operating in any type of terrain.

Sole System

The key to the BfR combat boot's deflection capability is its unique protective sole system. Developed with patented technologies the sole system is based on specially woven fabric bonded together with specially constructed sole and heel plates and heel plug. This gives the BfR combat boot its underlying strength.

The specially woven fabric can provide a significant degree of protection against blast temperatures generated by certain common types of anti-personnel landmines.

Dual Density Rubber Sole Technology

Our dual density sole is made of rubber midsole and nitrile rubber outsole that is directly moulded onto the upper. This dual density direct soling makes our boots lightweight with elastic, absolutely waterproof soles.

The rubber midsole, with its notable surface finish, consistency and processibility, allows for longer wear time with less fatigue, as well as increased shock absorbency and energy return. It is anti-static, fire-resistant and maintains superior adhesion to the outsole.

The rubber outsole features lightweight, abrasion resistant, nitrile rubber with tread patterns that deliver stability and traction that greatly increase the life of the boot. It is anti-static and non-marking. We have different rubber outsole tread patterns to serve varying needs.

Panama Sole Chevron Sole Multi-directional Sole

Nitrile rubber, the most heat resistant commercially available industrial soling material, is able to resist most oils, acids, alkalies and other chemicals. It also offers better slip resistance in wet conditions, especially oil on smooth surfaces.

Dual density rubber is an ideal soling material for defence, fire-fighting and heavy-duty footwear. Compared with single density vulcanised rubber sole or polyurethane midsole and rubber outsole, dual density rubber midsole and outsole provide higher wearing comfort, better resistance to hydrolysis hence increased shelf-life and have better insulation properties against cold and heat.

BfR Combat Boot Specifications


  • Outer Shell
    1.4 to 1.6mm full grain, waterproof leather (with polypropylene woven fabric for some models)
  • Intermediate Protection System
    Woven aramid
    Specific density - 1.44g/m3
    Tenacity - 230 mN/dtex
    Modulas of elasticity - 90 Gpa
    Elongation at break - 3.3%
    Water resistant laminate and seams - polyurethane materials
    Waterproof membrane lining
    • Protective sole system
    • Lightweight dual density rubber sole
    • Chevron or Panama outsole tread pattern


    • Eyelets, loop-hole hooks and rivets for quick release


    • 247-300
    • Około 950g jeden but (rozmiar 270)

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Blast Tests

Our combat boots were independently tested by the Royal Military College of Science ("RMCS") in the United Kingdom against certain common types of anti-personnel landmine of different explosive charge sizes.The test was conducted under strict conditions against what we believe to be two of the most likely scenarios. Firstly, stepping on an anti-personnel landmine at the heel and secondly,at the ball of the foot. Our test results show that our boots can provide substantial protection against anti-personnel landmines. These tests were not uniformly successful against all anti-personnel landmine types tested, but they did show that our boots can provide substantial protection against high velocity fragments, debris and hot gas streams created during blasts from particular common types of anti-personnel landmines at certain explosive charges.

Even where substantial protection is provided, injury will occur but may be mitigated such that the wearer may still suffer broken bones and other collateral damage but the integrity of the limb might be maintained and thus could prevent permanent disabilities,possibly sparing the wearer the agony and trauma of amputation and the associated costs of rehabilitation and after-care.However,anti-personnel landmines are deadly weapons and we cannot and do not claim that the results of exposure to anti-personnel landmines will always be mitigated in a significant way by use of our boot.Also,there is no way of knowing what type of anti-personnel landmine an infantryman might be exposed to. No two anti-personnel landmines have the same destructive characteristics. To the best of our knowledge, there is no internationally accepted standard test for testing our boots and we do not claim that our boots are 100% anti-personnel landmine-proof.

Unique Features

The protection system in our boot, unique in design and application of materials, incorporates features in the upper as well as the sole of the boot. The main protection system in the sole makes our boot very flexible and manoeuvrable compared to other anti-personnel landmines boots currently available in the market. Another unique feature is the weight of our boot. Even with the added protection system our boot weighs only about 950 grams per boot (size 270). This makes them suitable for prolonged use without compromising performance by the user.

Care and Maintenance
Our boots require the same care and maintenance as normal combat boots. The protection system in the upper of the boot is insulated against moisture and the degrading effects of ultra-violet rays by the waterproof leather upper shell and the waterproof lining. Insulation in the sole of the boot is provided by lightweight dual density direct rubber soling.


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