Skrzynie transportowe B&W Niemcy

B&W International Ltd. was started up in 1998, based in Ibbenbüren in Münsterland. The company emerged from the bwh Special Cases Ltd., a leading company in the production of special cases with a long and successful history.
It is the aim of B&W International Ltd. to combine the experience and know-how of case experts in Germany with favourable location factors of foreign production facilities. As a partner of the bwh Case Group we are a one-stop shop for cases and bags – regardless of the outfit and numbers of items you require. We supply all products, whether produced in Germany or by one of our foreign partners, in excellent quality and at unbeatably low prices – unique in the branch!
B&W International Ltd. has achieved an excellent reputation throughout Europe with successful brand names. Our product lines have long been able to establish themselves in the specialized trade: tool cases and bags of the lines supreme.cases, profi.cases and top.cases as well as waterproof, unbreakable outdoor.cases or bike.cases for transporting bicycles. Our product lines are supplied exclusively via specialized shops – not only in Germany but also in 16 other European countries. Buyers from industry, service providers, the wholesale and retail trade as well as private professionals are always at the right place with B&W International.

Pojemniki outdoor (czytaj więcej)

The Outdoor Cases are manufactured by case specialist B&W International.