Hełmy kulo- i odłamkoodporne

Hełm balistyczny PASGT (czytaj więcej)

This helmet is styled to give a new sleek low profile design. The higher cut line around the neck and ears achieves a good coverage to weight ratio. The harness is a brand new United Shield design which offers superior stability and comfort, and also only uses four bolts.

Hełm balistyczny MICH (czytaj więcej)

Available with our new comfort pad harness or standard harness system allowing for maximum balance, stability, comfort and ventilation.Parachutist compatible. This is a specially modified version of the PASGT helmet that incorporates the latest technology in shock absorption to meet thedemanding requirements of paratroop helmets. Certified to EuropeanStandard EN 966 and in service with specialist unitsworld-wide.

Hełm balistyczny COMMANDO (czytaj więcej)

A low profile compact helmet with minimum target area and weight. It also incorporates new materials technology for enhanced performance and weight.

Hełm balistyczny SPECIAL OPS (czytaj więcej)

The United Shield Special Ops helmet is a Military style ballistic and anti fragmentation helmet especially designed to accept helmet attachments such as night vision goggles, respirator quick release straps, visors, torches etc. The helmet can be upgraded and downgraded according to mission by means of adding a peak, visor and neck Protector. The low profile, low weight design is particularly suited to special forces needs.

BANDIT uzupełniająca ochrona balistyczna twarzy do oferowanych hełmów (czytaj więcej)

This is a ballistic attachment that can be applied to the full range of "off the shelf" helmets in the United Shield range. The attachment is styled to give a new sleek low profile design and gives the wearer protection to the frontal and side areas of the face and throat from fragments and low velocity handgun rounds.